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Description of Consultancy Needed

01. Specialist consultants in finance management, marketing, international accounting. The consultants are needed to assist in the development and delivering a new local MBA programme. (apply here)

02. Specialists in marine environment protection, marine biologists especially in development of new health products from sea products. Provide technical training to staff and local students in marine related areas. (apply here)

03. Computing and IT specialists to provide seminar programmes in computing management and computing network design. (apply here)

04. IT and web specialists to provide technical expertise in the development of cultural and historical network of information for the city of Hanoi. (apply here)

05. University teaching specialists in all discipline to assist in the development of curriculums and teaching methods. (apply here)

06. Professors and PhD scholars to provide training in business management, marketing, E-commerce, mico/macro economic. (apply here)

07. Finance investment and stock market specialists to provide training programmes in financial market investment (apply here)

08. Technical expertise in design information system, data analysis, trade and transport facilities. (apply here)

09. Education specialists to provide expertise in developing IT courses (apply here)

10. Expertise in International marketing and product development. (apply here)

11. Expertise in music and the arts (apply here)

12. Expertise in parasitology, molecular immunology, protein chemistry. Transfer of technology and training. (apply here)

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